Celebrating The Artist Date

Julia Cameron’s The Artist Way partly inspired this blog. If you haven’t ever gone through the course, you should. It’s a great way to increase your creativity and learn to appreciate the world around you. One of the things she espouses is the Artist Date. That’s where you take yourself on a “date” to somewhere that inspires your creativity. I’ve been to a “green” gas station that recycled kitchen grease and sold organic snacks, a farmer’s market, the movies, the Dollar Store, a local park, a garden store and even my own backyard to sketch my sunbathing black lab. I try to document my excursions with a photo or two but sometimes I just take it all in and want to keep the moment for myself, like a small, happy secret.

Here is a photo I snapped on a recent Artist Date.

These really popped out at a local garden store.

These really popped out at a local garden store.

The arrangement I saw inspired me to create my own pretty centerpiece that afternoon.

Sunflowers were on sale. Looking at these made me happy for at least a week!

Sunflowers were on sale. Looking at these made me happy for at least a week!

See how Artist Dates work? Thank you Julia Cameron for boosting my creativity. I am grateful for Artist Dates.


5 thoughts on “Celebrating The Artist Date

  1. I absolutely love “The Artist’s Way” – I am on week 7 of the program right now (I’m blogging about my progress on my blog) and I’m actually seeing results! My favourite thing is probably the morning pages. I sometimes struggle to find the time to take myself out on a date, but this post reminded me that I should really be finding the time. They are an important part of the program.

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    • Hi Christine, I totally agree with you about taking the time to do the Artist Dates. Sometimes I just did something quick on the way to school carpool. By the way, I like your blog. We seem to be on the same page! I’m now a follower and look forward to reading your future posts. Have fun with The Artist’s Way!


    • I still do morning pages too. It’s amazing how the ideas start to flow when you write first thing in the morning, before all the messiness of the day inserts itself into your brain!


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