The Many Kind Acts

Being originally from Boston, I have to say that yesterday’s bombings left me in shock and shook my faith in humanity a little. What kind of monsters would want to destroy such a celebratory day in Boston and leave a bloody trail of dead and injured? I felt like curling up in bed and hiding under the covers and waiting for all the terrible news to end. And I’m sure that’s just what the bombers want. To instill such fear in us that we retreat from each other. But that’s not what people did yesterday in Boston. They didn’t retreat, they embraced. They helped the injured. They offered warm coats and shelter and juice and comfort. Because the majority of people are good.

This blog post helped show that kind acts outnumber evil ones and always will. Read it if you’re needing to boost your faith in humanity today.

Many Moments of Kindness follow Solitary Acts of Aggression. | elephant journal.


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