A Beautiful Thing Happened When I Put On My Gratitude Glasses

For years the view out my kitchen window included a scruffy looking, bumpy, rectangular, flagstone “patio” that the former homeowner used as a grilling area. Since we have a built-in gas grill now, we didn’t need a grilling area. The patio is too uneven to use for any furniture. I added a few planters with herbs but it wasn’t pretty and I usually forgot to water so everything looked sad. Plus the two rusty old sawhorses standing together beyond the tiny patio emphasized the abandoned and neglected vibe.

I wished we didn’t have to look at that ugly patio or those hideous metal sawhorses. Every time I glanced out that window I wanted to move them somewhere else – like the bulky trash pile. But those sawhorses were emotionally significant for my husband, whose great-grandfather had welded them himself. So those ugly things stood for years beside the bare patio. 

Until last Saturday morning.

While sitting at the kitchen table considering the unpleasant vista for the thousandth time, I decided to put on my gratitude glasses and reframe my perception. Wasn’t I lucky even to have the potential for a “view?” 

When you put on gratitude glasses, your perspective changes. Challenges become opportunities. Eyesores become art. 

Three cans of black spray paint and one trip to the Lowe’s garden department later, our patio is bursting with color and personality. The view from my kitchen window is beautiful. The sawhorses and patio have new uses, as does a long-abandoned wooden toy box handmade by my husband’s grandfather. It’s amazing what happens when you look at things differently.

See what beautiful things happen when you put on your own gratitude glasses.



One ugly sawhorse before a coat of black paint and its new life as functional art.


The new and improved view out my kitchen window.


14 thoughts on “A Beautiful Thing Happened When I Put On My Gratitude Glasses

    • Thanks so much! I’m not the best do-it-yourselfer but I love making something I hate into something I love. This one worked. Now I’m searching the garage for new possibilities!


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