Keeping Financial Losses in Perspective

This is a photo of a ranch style house with pecan trees, bay windows and two columns flanking the wooden front door.We are about to lose money on a house. Our house. The one in which our kids grew from children to near-adults. Sometimes it makes me mad. Then sad. Then frustrated. But then I remember that…

1. The memories made in that house are priceless and will always be with me.



Persuasive Communication Strategies

Last Sunday I had the chance to hear Professor Tannenbaum speak at a local Brown Alumni Club event in Dallas. I was so excited because her classes at Brown were always full and hard to get into. I never got to take one. So I felt like I was getting a second chance for a small snippet of what I missed.


The brilliant Barbara Tannenbaum

Tannenbaum is not only a professor at Brown but also a consultant to global businesses, organizations and leaders, teaching the power of persuasive audience-centered communication. She conducts communications workshops at other colleges, such as Wellesley and Dartmouth and regularly helps political candidates communicate and speak more effectively.

Naturally, her hour-long talk was spectacular. Engaging, lively and informative. Here’s what I learned from her talk that can help anyone who has to use persuasive communication, i.e. most of us. (more…)

The Gift of Hope

A few weeks ago I visited with a woman who was helping coordinate book sales for an author visit I was

This is a photo of me in a hospital bed.

In the hospital about to start chemo.

managing at my son’s school. Normally we only talked by email. But my emails hadn’t been answered lately and I ran into another parent who mentioned that she’d heard the woman’s daughter had been having health issues. The other parent and I immediately went to see her and found out that she’d taken her daughter to the pediatrician multiple times and the daughter had been given antibiotics. But her symptoms hadn’t improved. In fact, she’d just had a biopsy done the day before on the mass on her neck. And they’d found a tumor in her chest during a chest x-ray. The doctors were thinking cancer. Lymphoma. (more…)