Keeping Financial Losses in Perspective

This is a photo of a ranch style house with pecan trees, bay windows and two columns flanking the wooden front door.We are about to lose money on a house. Our house. The one in which our kids grew from children to near-adults. Sometimes it makes me mad. Then sad. Then frustrated. But then I remember that…

1. The memories made in that house are priceless and will always be with me.

2. Yes, we spent a fortune on landscaping and a furnace and an air conditioner and painting the house and fixing all the windows our sons broke with various balls, and new pool equipment. But didn’t we get to enjoy the warm and cool air provided by those appliances? And didn’t we get to look out those windows into the backyard blooming with yucca all summer long? Didn’t we get to enjoy swimming in that pool on hot summer evenings? And didn’t we get to appreciate the smooth paint job each time we drove into the driveway? Yes. We did. So our investment more than paid off in the amount of six years of comfort and happy moments.

3. Some people don’t have a house. Or any home at all. Boom. That puts it in perspective.

Despite losing thousands of dollars, we are lucky to have enjoyed our house for these last six years.

For that, I am grateful.


15 thoughts on “Keeping Financial Losses in Perspective

  1. Julie, Where are y’all going?! I miss seeing you. Let’s grab a cup of coffee. I hope that you have a nice holiday filled with family, rest and good memories! Amy

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  2. I believe your perspective is (as usual) spot on. Since I was laid off at work two months ago, we can’t even afford the rent for an apartment. We moved in with my mother-in-law and we help out as best we can from my unemployment checks. My sister, by contrast, owns two homes in different states, and is always crying poverty. It’s all relative, Julie. Have a blessed Thanksgiving.


  3. We bought our condo at the peak of the market [Canada]…, then it dropped a quarter of its value during the subsequent crash period. But, like you, I’m choosing to linger on the amazing graces that have occurred in the last 6 years…and I’m content…and blessed.


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