Gratitude Journals

Oprah Winfrey is a big proponent of gratitude. No matter how you feel about her, you gotta admit, she’s pretty darn successful. And what does she do to lower her stress? She journals about gratitude.

Are you ready to start a gratitude journal? Congratulations! You’re on your way to better health and lower stress. Maybe one day you’ll be a billionaire like Oprah. But probably not. That’s OK, because who needs to worry about what to do with all that money? Talk about stress!

Here’s a basic how-to article to get you started journaling. All you really need is:

1. A journal (I find a basic spiral notebook to be the best and most affordable option)

2. A good pen (I’m a huge fan of the PILOT G-2 07 because it flows well so I can write fast)

3. A grateful heart

That’s it! There are no rules. Nobody has to see your journal except you. Don’t worry about spelling, grammar, readability or flow. Just embrace the power of expressing gratitude.

If you are technically savvy and prefer just listing what you’re grateful for rather than writing three pages’ worth like I do, then you might want to check out any of these gratitude journaling apps:

1. Gratitude Journal  ($.99)

2. Gratitude Journal 365 (Free)

3. Gratitude Journal – The Life Changing App ($2.99)

4. Gratitude Rock – Journal/Diary of Positive Thoughts ($.99)

5. Gratitude Diary (Free)

6. Gratitude Journey (Free)


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